Aloe Vera Products from Nature Republic + Review

Welcome to my very first blog post, Wildlings! Today I’m gonna show you guys my mini collection of products with Aloe Vera. Please bear with me as I have little to show you guys. I am broke AF at the moment but I don’t make that a hindrance to share my opinions from personal experiences with the products that I am going to show you guys today and the next coming days 🙂 

Aloe Vera is a big trend RN especially in K-Beauty Brands. It is a natural ingredient that doesn’t cause any harm and it is moisturizing and soothing on any part of the body, even to your hair! No wonder why they conquered the beauty industry in just a snap. 

I purchased my Aloe Vera Soothing Gel and Gel Foam Cleanser at Nature Republic for less than P250 each. 

The gel foam cleanser has the same scent as the soothing gel which is nice. I really want products that have partners haha! As for the texture, they both look like a man’s hair gel. Not a wax okay? The gel. The 1990’s men styling gel. 

But they do not feel sticky at all. Just like a water jelly which makes it a bit long to dry up once applied onto face. I suggest to apply the soothing gel right after you shower so that it can dry itself out while you’re getting dressed and make your skin ready for makeup. As for the gel foam cleanser, a little goes a long way which is a really good deal for its price. I haven’t used the cleanser that much to say if it does anything to cure any skin problems BUT I can say that it doesn’t dry off the skin. It is as gentle and soothing as it claims to be.

The soothing gel is actually my 2nd tub right now. I love it because for one, it is super affordable for such a great amount of product that you’ll be getting. Two, I noticed that whenever I use this at a time when I have acne, those motherfuckers don’t last long Ha Ha! They are usually gone by 2 to 3 days, thanks to the help of Nature Republic’s Aloe Soothing Gel ♥ 

Verdict: These products are super affordable (less than P250 each!) and really does their job in soothing the skin. Plus, I notice my acnes don’t last long unlike before. These are also perfect for all skin types and they are water-based products that even oily skin will love 🙂 


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