My Nighttime Savers

Who says oily skin doesn’t need hydration? I have oily skin but I still moisturize my face. And the current products I use are the Nivea creme and Vaseline Petroleum Jelly. 
I bought them both at Trinoma for less than P200. The Nivea Creme was only P75 and the Vaseline Petroleum Jelly was only P99. You can also purchase them online via or Both sites offer COD (Cash On Delivery) and next day shipping (FOR PHILIPPINE RESIDENTS ONLY). A very hassle-free way to shop! Plus, sometimes they have Sales that are much more cheaper than mall prices! 😱

Anyway, moving on to the product reviews. The Nivea Creme looks like a diaper rash ointment to me. Like it’ll feel that you have a wash off mask on your face the entire night. But, once you rub in circular motions on your face, it instantly melts and feels almost watery. I think that’s why when I wake up in the morning, my face feels so hydrated and glowing. I didn’t think I would like it at first so I purchased the smallest one. But, girl, that small tin can lasts for weeks! I bought mine around 2-3 months ago and look how many product is still in there!

On the other hand, I put the Vaseline Petroleum Jelly on my lips. I have very dry, chapped and peeling lips (eew!) They’re great to use as lip balms under lipsticks but for treatment? Not much. The effect wears off once you wash your face. So basically, everytime I shower, my lips are back to being dry again. I apply them every night. Sometimes I even apply the Petroleum Jelly twice a day. I hope to find a lip saver soon. But for now, this jelly isn’t so bad at all 🙂 

Let me know if these products work for you. If not, what products do wonders on your skin? 🙂 


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