Slayin’ the No Makeup Makeup Look 

I have watched every tutorial on Youtube regarding how to do the No Makeup Makeup Look and boy, doesn’t anyone really know how it’s supposed to look like? I mean, it’s supposed to be as natural as if you’re not wearing anything! Good thing is, I think I can help you out with that 😉 

I was not a fan of lip tints before. I bought the Tony Moly lip tint and until now, it’s just sitting on my makeup stand. I just don’t like the fact that it has a jelly-like consistency. And it only sets on the inner side of my lower lip. But when I found this cheek & lip tint from Sooper Beaute, I just knew I had to get one! 

I purchased mine via Beauty MNL for P150. It’s the same price to the Sooper Beaute website. But here’s a tip: when online shopping, always check if the original website has a going on sale. Or whether some physical branches are on sale. In my case, I bought the Sooper Beaute Lip & Cheek Rolly 2 days before they went on sale! I bought it for P150 plus delivery fee from But the website and also some branches went on sale and it was only P100 then. P50 is P50, right? Haha xD Anywaaaay…

So, as I said I purchased, but only one shade because I didn’t think I’d like it this much! I chose the shade Blushing because for me, it was the most natural looking color and it didn’t disappoint! It’s a roll-on kind which makes it easier to apply. Also, the color is buildable. One layer is perfect for that natural look while 2 or more layers have that pinkish glow. Overall, this product is the bomb and I can’t wait to purchase other shades! ♥ 

Wanna know how I slay my No Makeup Makeup Look? Read on…

Step 1: after washing your face, apply toner and moisturizer.

Step 2: grab a concealer and conceal all unwanted spots.

Step 3: put powder lightly all around the face.

Step 4: do your kilay. (make sure it looks natural)

Step 5: curl your lashes and put on mascara.

Step 6: grab a cheek and lip tint and apply on lips amd cheeks (duh!) 

Step 7: bronze face if necessary for that warm tone.

Voila! Send me your look and tell me if this helped you! :))


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